Meeting Minutes

2014 Port Update

Port of Indianola

2014 Port Update


John Lane (6 year term) and Eric Cookson (2 year term) sworn in as new Port Commissioners

Susan Henry appointed Port Auditor

Port Master Plan update started – Commissioner Cookson

Dock piling replacement Request for Quotation submitted to 4 small works roster qualified contractors – Thank you, Art Langlie


Quotes received from contractors – Quigg Brothers submitted lowest qualified bid

Port of Indianola Mission Statement revised via Resolution


Potential General Obligation Bond terms and conditions discussed

Piling replacement permitting discussed – Kitsap County, Corp of Engineers, WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

Master Plan update constituent survey finalized

Public Records Request added to Port of Indianola website


Resolution 2014-6 passed honoring John R. Jacobsen for his long term service to the Port of Indianola

Cashmere Bank and K & L Gates confirm General Obligation bond paperwork is prepared

Piling replacement permit completion continues

Scope of piling replacement reduced from 14 bents to 10 bents to comply with Corp of Engineers requirements, revised RFQ created – Thank you, Art Langlie


Volunteers replace 24 dock planks – Thank you, John Lane, Paul Larson, and Tim Butler

Swim float modifications finalized


Construction permits submitted to Kitsap County and Corp of Engineers – Thank you, Connie Reckord and Lisa Fitch

Swim float installed following necessary modifications

Modifications performed by Bill Henry – Port responsible for materials, Bill Henry donated labor


Master Plan survey received

Dock Fund Committee created – Susan Hancock Chair. Fundraising meeting will be planned to discuss ongoing deck maintenance and upcoming 100 year anniversary of the dock in 2016


Permits received from Kitsap County and Corp of Engineers for piling replacement project

General Obligation bond paperwork finalized with Cashmere Bank


Discussions on next phase of dock repairs

  • Design improvements and potential changes to head of dock
  • Connie and Terry Reckord to compile potential changes, ideas

Piling replacement completed – 10 bents, 20 piling, 10 piling caps – Quigg Brothers completed within contract terms


Preliminary 2015 Budget discussed and completed

Connie Record submits ideas for community input and potential design for dock entrance – Bents 1-5

Fundraising Committee meeting held –


Master Plan is completed and ready to proceed

2015 Budget Resolution passed

Master Plan revision notice published in North Kitsap Herald – Adoption of revised Master Plan anticipated in January 2015

Plank Holder Certificate design completed and available for purchase


Plank Holder Certificate income has exceeded $5000.00 through mid-December

Future Commissioners Work Study meeting discussed to share procedural details