Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2013



September 10, 2013

7:00 PM


Present: Commissioner Henderson, Commissioner Cookson, Accountant/Port Auditor Jessica Olanie, Assistant to the Accountant/Port Auditor Scott Coulter, Recording Secretary Paige Savage and members of the general public


Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by Commissioner Henderson.


Eric Cookson was introduced as the appointed interim for District 2. After they have both read the Oath of Office, to bring Eric in as a new Commissioner, they both sign the document and it is notarized.


Commissioner Comments



Consent Agenda

Commissioner Henderson makes a motion to pass the consent agenda at 7:15 PM.  Commissioner Cookson Seconds.


A.      Meeting minutes of August 7, 2013 and August 13, 2013

B.       Warrants 1665-1669 in the amount of $3,978.98.


New Business


Accounting Summary

See attached


Resolution 2013 – Wald Recognition

Commissioner Cookson motions to accept resolution 2013-11  at 7:18 PM. Commissioner Henderson seconds the motion.


Port of Indianola District Three Resignation and Appointment Process

The board asks for volunteers to do a short term appointment for District 3 Commissioner. Applications are available[JaSPoI1]  on the Port’s website and must be turned in no later than September 25, 2013.


Advisory Committee Report

Richard Linzer got up and spoke for the advisory committee. Currently the advisory committee is split into two groups; technical specialists (contracting background, engineering background, etc.) and a fundraising committee.


Public Meeting to Discuss Levy Lift

The board asks the public if they would like to have a separate discussion to ask questions about the levy lift. Julianne Pickroll felt it would be well advised and Lisa Fitch suggested adding it to the agenda for the regular meeting October 1, 2013.


Update Level III Assessment

September 12th, at high tide, they will do the creosote retention analysis. On September 16th they will analyze the clean piles. The information will go straight to the Port and the Port will move forward from there. The info that they receive will help them to contract out.




Existing Dock Closure

Resolution 2013-12 was presented. Commissioner Henderson made a motion to approve the resolution at 7:37 PM. Commissioner Cookson seconded the motion.


Preliminary 2014 Budget

Scott suggests having a budget review with an advisory board member present. He’s hoping that they will have a preliminary budget ready for view by the next regular meeting, October 1, 2013.


Next Meeting October 1, 2013

The levy lift discussion will be added to the agenda for the October 1st meeting. The board rescheduled the November meeting for Tuesday November 12, 2013.


Public Comments

Mary Boden asked the board if resolution 2013-12 would be posted on the website. Commissioner Henderson said yes.


Joanne Pickroll offered to manage the website.


Mike Hooley suggested knowing compensation before applying for the commissioner position.


Dave Haley mentioned that, in the past, the board has not accepted money.


Rick Heeley fears that if the commissioners are not compensated, they will get worn out.


Commissioner Comments

Commissioner Henderson wrote a resolution, resolution 2013-13, to enable Commissioner Cookson to sign checks. Commissioner Henderson made a motion to adopt the resolution at 7:50 PM. Commissioner Cookson seconded the motion.


Port of Indianola Board Meeting Adjourned at 7:51 PM September 10, 2013.


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Commissioner Henderson                                                 Commissioner Cookson




Recording Secretary, Paige Savage