Meeting Minutes

July 23, 2013

Indianola Port District




CALL TO ORDER 7:01 PM, in attendance: Jeff Henderson, Joan Wald, Judith Frank



Commissioner Comments is the time for Board members to present verbal reports and suggest future agenda items. 

Henderson: The purpose of this Special Meeting is to: (1) further the Port of Indianola (POI) Board of Commissioners understanding of the structural condition of the Indianola Dock and to determine the Port’s options moving forward, (2) hear from the Port’s insurance representative, and (3) The Board of Commissioners will present a proposal to increase the current Port of Indianola property tax levy via the November General Election Ballot.



Minutes of Port of Indianola Special Meetings of June 17, 2013 and June 27, 2013 – MSP and signed accordingly.







A. Shane Phillips, principal engineer and Jon Padvorac, staff engineer from Coast and Harbor Engineering presented their assessment of the Indianola Dock structure via a PowerPoint presentation. Following notes and questions from Commissioners regarding the presentation:

Approximate $20,000 cost for Level III assessment and associated design engineering. Could use layman help to clean piles and reduce costs.

Estimated Immediate Maintenance total cost including Level II assessment, associated design engineering and construction cost utilizing marine contractors is $110,00 to $240,000. Does not include any piping replacement.

Henderson: What piling should we focus on? Shane Phillips: not all piles picked yet, but can be done with a little more work.

Henderson: Are there restrictions when above water work can be done? For example, cross bracing, lateral bracing. Shane Phillips: Can be, depends on tools, elevation, location on pile. May have to ask for clarity from state and county. Frank: permits have time restrictions unless situation is declared an emergency.

Frank: re: storms, dock is lower than original. Is there a concern about storms from the south, particularly with no strapping? Shane: Yes, last winter we had tidal elevation higher than predicted but w/o winds. We were fortunate waves were not higher. Can be helped by strapping/preventative work to reduce risk.

POI Minutes 7-23-13

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Henderson: question for Jon P.: Did you run examples of what the Hz would be with bracing? Jon P.: 3.5 or 4 Hz is safe. Currently portions of the Indianola dock are at 2 hz. Bracing would get us out of danger zone. Engineers did a courtesy check.

Henderson: vertical load issues—what about additional stringers recommendation? Shane: live load needs to be representative of use. Three 3x12’s are what we have as stringers now. Other structures have 4x12’s for higher loading conditions. Currently we are at 40-50, not 100, for live load.

Henderson: if we follow short-term suggestions, will you be able to calculate safe number of bodies on the structure? For example, at weddings, Indianola Days. Need to quantify how many people can be on dock.

Shane Phillips: Determine pounds per square foot. Designed for maximum load.

Ped bridge+ 90 psf failure. Can overload just one member and that can cause failure. Engineers have a higher standard of care for engineering.

Jeff: structure is open to public. What is safe usage of the structure? He wants to get there with design work and repairs.

B. Mr. Antonettii from Enduris - insurance carrier for POI. Concern is we have to be careful. We are now on notice that there is a problem with the dock. POI has liability coverage. Please don’t take down the no trespassing signs—opens POI to liability for those that don’t know better (out-of-towners) that dock use is restricted/closed. 

C. Proposed tax levy lift/increase information presented by Commissioner Joan Wald. Currently property owners pay 15+ cents per $1000 of assessed value for port tax. POI income is $42,000/year. Currently pay for security, lights, mutt mitts. Port will need more to afford fixes to the dock.

Proposal to increase tax by an additional 6 cents. Item will be on general ballot on November 5—raise to 22 cents. This is still a long way from being enough to afford repair suggestions by engineers.

Resolution 2013-6 Authorizing a Proposition to Increase the POI Regular Property Tax Levy to increase the tax by $.06 per $1000.00 of property assessment, read by Commissioner Wald

Henderson: compare taxes paid in other port districts:

Brownsville .30/$1,000 property value

Bremerton .36/$1000 property value

Indianola .1542/$1000 property value

Kingston .211/$1000 property value

Poulsbo .30/$1000 property value

Eglon .10/$1000 property value

The POI will incur costs or approximately $500 to put the proposal on ballot in Nov.

OPEN TO PUBLIC COMMENTS (Limit 3 Minutes each for those who signed request to comment at the entrance to tonight’s meeting)

Matthew Smith: Says he was accused by Judith Frank of inciting people to tear down fence in front of dock at a meeting of 100 people at the pavilion a few weeks ago. He is running for Judith’s seat. He is offended that he has been accused. He is delivering a petition to introduce reason and reality. [Time is up.] Wants an apology from Judith. Mr. Smith presented the Board of Commissioners with a petition “to convene a meeting to re-open the Indianola Dock to normal, light pedestrian use facilitated, not obstructed by the dock’s elected or appointed caretakers”. Mr. Smith also presented signatures of 186 persons and electronic signatures of 236 persons.

POI Minutes 7-23-2013

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Suzanne Cartwright: Closing the dock got everyone’s attention. Social infrastructure of the dock is beloved. We rebuilt clubhouse and that shows this community can come together. These are valuable places to share and socialize. Community deeply cares about keeping the dock and exploring alternatives. Wants respectful consensus-based dialog. How we face this challenge is as important as what the final decision is.

Mary Bowden: Has anyone done research about what grants are available? Henderson: Commissioner Frank researched grant writing. It takes lots of work to fill out grant proposals, long process. Please understand that when given a grant you may have a requirement for matching funds, often 50%. Some plans are more amenable to grants than others.

Eric Cookson: Announced he is running for port commissioner, district #2.

Thomas Bowman, periodic resident: Tax levels will not cover funding we need. Urges Port to do a cost-benefit study to see if we can even make it. The numbers ought to be close enough that we can fix or build another one in 3-5 years. Need a comprehensive study—can we afford, can we pay for it, how are we going to do it? The solution we choose needs to make sense.

Mike Milling: Why do we need the dock to include the “ramp” section down from street level to the flat part of the dock? Suggests we can walk down to the dock’s deck level rather than keeping the sloped part of the dock that sways the most.

Richard Linzer: Complimented engineering firm for giving helpful info and doing an excellent job. Spoke of risk assessment. Question: has there been an insurance claim before? Henderson: Yes, with storm damage around 2006.Richard: Any fatalities? Henderson: no.

What would it take to open dock now? Does POI have powers in financial arena?

Dick Hale: Complimented POI for doing incredible job. Learned a lot from engineers.

What about the ocean rise in future storms? This is a long-term concern. Concerned about short-term answers. We need to restrict numbers of people on dock, but which pilings need to be fixed? That would take care of the short-term problem so we could replace and cross brace the affected piling.

Henderson: asked engineer Shane Phillips which piles are susceptible.

Shane Phillips: Yes we know which piles need to be replaced. But we also need to know which other piling are secure so we know which can be used for cross bracing successfully. About 6-12 in near shore area need to be replaced. Then we need cross bracing in that and other areas to reopen pier. Can prioritize replacement, may defer some to another year. Henderson : We are restricted to replacing no more than 18 piles per year.

Connie Reckord: The engineering firm did us a disservice with their letter presented at the June 27 meeting. Presentation tonight did not give any reason for closing dock. We are past our big events now, and dock should be safe for regular use now. Can we contract with engineers to do the work yet? Does not take lots of time for fish and wildlife to approve and Connie offers to contact them. How much money does POI have available?

Henderson: $65,000 + in bank now. Expect $20,000 in October. Money is liquid.

Lauren Silver: amazing community. Thanks port and our amazing community. Thanks port for giving their time in a time when no one wants to even be on the port commission. Question for Joan Wald: Have we talked about development (buildings, marinas, business parks)? Frank: This community is not interested in developing commercial areas, want to save dock. Saving the dock is an enhancement in and of itself. It is an asset to our community and an economic enhancement as evidenced by our property values.

Tammy Mattson: For live load capacity, was the age of the wood and milling of the wood taken into account for tensile strength? Engineers (Phillips and Padvorac): In 1933 we used treated piles. We don’t know what pilings were replaced when. No diagram left by those working on dock in the past. We can guess ages of things. Most important is how to assess what is left. Superstructure is from 1970s. Tammy Mattson: Has strong interest in what happens in Indianola, and has questions. Antagonism tonight came about because of the structure of the meeting and limiting comments to three minutes.

Greg Trueb: Thinks decision needs to be made by community. Two of three commissioners were not elected. We need to allocate funds for bracing and strapping. This is a short scope of work. Ask engineers if we should reopen dock. We should have elected officials on POI.

POI Minutes 7-23-13

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Lisa Fitch: She is a civil engineer not a shoreline expert. Observations: study was done by request, not requirement. Study was done by standards that are applicable, but not required. A permit is in place for immediate maintenance work but it expires in August. This is an emergency and we can ask for expediting. For the near term, do the bracing. No need for closure. We have enough local folks that can do the work. Asks to remove fee paid to commissioners for monthly meetings. (Note: Commissioner compensation does not start until January 1, 2013)

Lee Lannoye: Attended nearly all meetings in last three years. No one has been coming to meetings. The port appointed replacement members because of resignations. There is a lot of work to be done and he hopes all in attendance tonight show up to do it.

Alexa Rose Prince: Her family has been here for 100 years. The dock won’t last forever and we need to repair or rebuild. She and her dad Martin Prince will donate as much wood and work as they can from their tree service company. She could give $1000 herself and asks others to step up too. We make our own yarn, our own preschool, our own decisions.

Bill Sibbett: Tonight’s room is passionate about our town; the dock is the center of town. Heard nothing today encouraging closure. Insurance representative says to be careful. Engineering firm did not say to close. Our dock can handle the usage. Continue with the process.

Brett Treadwell: Moved here eight years ago. Four years later, someone moved here and it felt like a dark cloud arrived. Started block watch, cars towed, security measures about jumping off dock, drinking on dock. He predicted dock would be closed within one year of this person announcing at IBIC meeting she would be running for POI. This is hoopla. He jumped off the dock today and received an emotional benefit.

Chris Moore: Community can raise the money. No communication from POI is the reason no one came to the meetings. Meetings are boring. We woke a sleeping giant with this issue.

Susan Henry: The disrespect shown for POI commissioners is improper. Asks POI: Are you prepared to vote tonight to reopen dock? And restrict numbers? Henderson: We are making decision tonight because of 30 day period set at June 27 meeting.

End of Public Comment Period


Jeff Henderson, commissioner: Heartfelt comments are appreciated. Speaks to questions:

Re: opportunity to participate in process—prior to 1.5 years ago, one man came to meeting in 10 years. Notes room’s frustrations with process, but this is the process we must follow as elected/appointed commissioners. Don’t know if we can use volunteer labor. Appreciated Mr. Bowman’s cost/benefit analysis suggestion.

Dick Hale had asked about specific pilings. We will get there in next step outlined tonight.

Regarding appointed commissioners filling vacancies—process was well-publicized and port was not inundated with candidates. It was a public process and always has been.

Regarding study done by request rather than requirement—study created as part of POI process to move forward with long-term maintenance.

Alexa Rose Prince: Her wisdom and youth gives me hope for the future of our community going forward. We will make a plan, chart a course, and make it happen as the community did with the clubhouse. We are going to put a plan together and move forward. Wants to open dock in future.

Regarding volunteer work, we must follow our processes because we are audited by state, so we have to follow their regulations. We are different from IBIC and hope you are all members.

Joan Wald, commissioner: She has learned a lot about putting plans together. Commissioner Frank was beneficial in getting us in compliance as POI so we could even hire an engineering firm. Never foresaw trials we have faced this year. It is audacious of some audience members to criticize when they have not been here to support POI.


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Commissioner Henderson called for a 10 minute break.

10:00 pm. Meeting reconvened and called to order by Commissioner Jeff Henderson

Resolution 2013-6 to increase regular prop tax levy: Commissioner Henderson asks for motion to pass the resolution to place on general election ballot for November 5, 2013. Commissioner Frank moved Resolution 2013-6 be passed. Seconded by Commissioner Wald. Unanimous vote yes. Signed 2 copies.

Henderson: POI needs to form 2 committees to write voters pamphlet positions—in support and in opposition. Call for volunteers.

Henderson: Now for the issue of what to do with dock moving forward on June 23, 2013 the POI placed a 30-day suspension of use. Today we received suggestions from engineers. Henderson’s personal goal is to open dock as soon as possible for normal use. It is important to community. Wants to collect as much data in the next 3-7 years so we can keep the dock functional. Based on what he heard, not ready to open dock today. Need level III assessment ASAP. Need for dialog regarding the definition of normal usage and how will the POI enforce keeping large groups off dock.

Frank: Insurance company said they will abide by what the engineering company says and what POI decides. Insurance agent is not in the position to tell us to close the dock.

Jeff Kanyer comments: He works in civil construction. This is normal engineering and a problem that is normal in construction business. Insurance rep (Mr. Antonettii) told him in a private conversation earlier tonight that the Port is covered with $10 million liability policy. Mr. Antoni raises no red flags. Standard policy can be as low as $1 million for other docks. Mr. Antoni told him he hopes the dock stays open—said in conversation outside during the comment period.

Commissioner Frank reads resolution 2013-05 – Continued Suspension of Use of Indianola Dock

Henderson: He has an obligation as commissioner to respond when he knows the dock is unsafe. Reopening dock is not the prudent thing to do.

Raven Salter, comment: Can we print sign “use at own risk” and keep open?

Greg Trueb, comment: We can fix dock now while people are using it.

Lisa Fitch, comment: No engineer will say dock is safe unless he builds it.

Jeff Kanyer, comment: Is there a controlling entity or group to answer to when dock is built? He thinks not. Can Army Corps of Engineers evaluate?

Jeff Henderson: Jeff says his opinion is it is unsafe.

Motion to close until we have a specific plan to reopen.

Richard Linzer: No greater risk to opening dock as driving to Kingston in a car. If you feel process needs to go to Level III, make it a definite time. Phil Best (who wrote the resolution) is approaching this as a litigator. We need precision as to time period of closing and how to determine safety.

Alexa Rose Prince: if something happens, who is liable?

Jeff: the POI would be liable. We are publically elected officials and we need to do what we can to have a facility that is safe.

POI Minutes 7-23-13

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Dave Haley: Dock is unsafe for large numbers of people and there is a risk of injury to those people.

Margaret Hooley: Can we do a stress test? Put up a notice that we can’t have more than 100 people.

Henderson: Regarding Resolution 2013-5 – strike and remove statement that “the Port’s pier is declared to be unsafe.

Henderson: Regarding Resolution 2013-5 – Add statement: Closure to remain for a 45 day period.

Henderson asks for motion to pass resolution. Commissioner Frank moves. Commissioner Wald seconds. Passes unanimously.

ADJOURNMENT 10:35 p.m.

Attached: Port of Indianola Resolution 2013-05

Port of Indianola Resolution 2013-06


Commissioner, Jeff Henderson

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Commissioner, Joan Wald Recording Secretary, Jeff Henderson

POI Minutes 7-23-13

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