Meeting Minutes

December 3 2013 Minutes

Indianola Port District





CALL TO ORDER 7:00 PM, In attendance: Jeff Henderson, Eric Cookson, John Lane


Public Comments is the time set aside for members of the public to address the Board on items of District business other than scheduled agenda items. NONE


Commissioner Comments is the time for Board members to present verbal reports and suggest future agenda items.

Commissioner Henderson updated the recent progress on the dock repairs:

On Saturday November 30th as part of a long planned bracing project, a group of Indianola residents and friends converged on the dock at 10am. After a pre-project safety meeting, safety harness and rope set up, the crew installed cross bracing to 4 pile bents toward the head of the dock. Each volunteer signed a waiver holding the Port harmless, and the WA State L&I was aware of the work, the hours and people were documented and the project will be closed with them by Commissioner Henderson.

In the months leading up to the work, Lisa Fitch, Connie Reckord, Paul Larson and a host of others worked on getting the permitting complete from the county. Bill Sibbett provided logs that were milled by Paul Smyth at Smyth Lumber. Art Langlie donated other materials, as did Jeff Kanyer, and many others in the work party brought the necessary tools to the project.

In just four hours the work was complete and the dock notably more stiff. During the installation process, the group discovered that the piles are in very good shape and were very solid, making for an excellent member for which to attach cross bracing.

Commissioner Henderson acknowledged and thanked the following Port of Indianola Volunteer Labor Roster, Saturday, November 30, 2013: Matt McGinnis, Paul Larson, Donald Gibson, Matt Fitch, Bob Kinnaird, Mark Wiser, Les Fitch, Chris Moore, Travis Moore, Donald Moore, Bill Sibbett, Jeff Kanyer, Andy Wiser, Patrick Hatchel, Eric Landeen, Keith Gates, Rob Kinnaird, Art Langlie, Ross Kinnaird.

Commissioner Henderson noted that the last time any pilings were replaced was 1997, based on records.


All matters listed within the Consent Agenda have been distributed to each member of the Commission for reading and study, are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion of the Commission with no separate discussion. If separate discussion is desired, that item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the Regular Agenda by a Commission member or by Citizen Request.

A. Meeting Minutes of the November 12, 2013 meetings – Motion to approve by Commissioner Henderson, Second by Commissioner Cookson, approved unanimously

B. Payables - Vouchers #1683 – 1687 for services and merchandise totaling $2280.12 will be held over for approval at next month’s meeting due to absence of an auditor.



A. New Commissioners – Oath of Office. New Commissioners Lane and Cookson were sworn in by Commissioner Henderson per WA State law immediately and will be sworn in again at the January 7, 2014 meeting.

B. Accounting Summary – Approx. Balance in General Fund + Investment Account - $53,373.66. Commissioner Henderson noted that significant revenue from taxes will show up in next month’s statement.

C. Accounting Position – This position is open. Jessica and Scott have both expressed their intention to resign. Susan Henry has volunteered to take over this position. She will set up a meeting this month with Jessica and Scott to review the position requirements. If there is anyone else in the community that would like to team with Susan and help out in this position, this would be a good time to learn more about the position. Susan and Commissioner Henderson will request a job description from Jessica. Susan has stated that she will take over the accounting position without accepting a fee, thus saving the Port that further expense.

D. Advisory Board Report-

Lisa Fitch reported for the Technical Advisory Committee that the shimming repairs on the dock are completed. One more cross bracing needs to be done but it can only be done at the correct tide cycle, by boat. Bill Sibbett has volunteered his boat.

Richard Linzer reporting for the Financial Advisory Committee, confirmed that the Port of Indianola could establish a revolving line of credit of $100,000.00 with the Liberty Bay Bank. Members of the Indianola community can participate as credit holders via a CD. The CD term is typically 2 years. Richard suggested that it would be advisable to oversubscribe up to $120,000.00 as an added reserve for the Port. The next step in this process is to sign the necessary paperwork with the bank.

Resolution 2013-18 to establish a $100,000.00 Line of Credit at the Liberty Bay Bank of Poulsbo. A motion was made by Commissioner Henderson to establish the Line of Credit, Seconded by Commissioner Cookson and unanimously passed.

E. Port of Indianola Website Update by Matt McGinnis. Mr. McGinnis and Commissioner Lane met with the current website administrator to review the current system’s capabilities to meet current and future needs of the Port. Matt noted that the website has been updated recently. Commissioner Lane noted that the current website administrator and host were fine for the purposes of the dock. There is a functioning calendar but meeting announcements need to be communicated to Matt in order to be posted on the website. Advisory Committee meetings should also be posted with time and location. The current website also has a feedback function but it is not effective and may actually be confusing or frustrating to the public. General discussion ensued and agreement reached that the current feedback loop be disabled and replaced with direct email connection to the Commissioners. Current email for the Commissioners is cumbersome and there are storage issues. Matt and Commissioner Lane will continue to work with Corey on the website and specifically will investigate if a cloud based system is appropriate for Port business. Lisa Fitch requested that resolutions and agendas be available on the website. Julianne noted that minutes and agendas from the Advisory Committees should also be available online.

F. Petty Cash Custodian – Commissioner Henderson proposed Resolution 2013-19 that Commissioner Cookson take over as Petty Cash Custodian. Motion by Commissioner Lane, Second by Commissioner Cookson, unanimously passed.

G. Port of Indianola Post Office Box Custodian – Commissioner handed over the PO Box key and Port of Indianola Date stamp and ink to Commissioner Lane.

H. 2014 Port of Indianola Master Plan - Commissioner Cookson reviewed the Draft plan. While there was a 2013 Plan adopted, a new plan is needed to account for recent events and changes. The draft plan will be subject to community review and discussion and it needs to be published and posted for 2 weeks before it can be adopted.

I. Next Meeting – Tuesday, January 7, 2014 7:00 PM


A. The issue of Liability for work by volunteers was raised by Rick Healey. Mr. Healey presented Commissioner Henderson with notes and a list of contacts to review with the Port Counsel and Port Insurance Broker. Mr. Healy noted that the waiver signed by the volunteers may not protect the Port Commissioners and taxpayers, in the event of serious injury.

B. The community acknowledges and thanks Bill Sibbett for stepping in, on short notice, as Port Commissioner, and for the materials donated for the repairs.


A. Commissioner Henderson noted that application for small works can be updated on the website instead of updating and renewing MSRC membership. This will save the Port some expense.

B. The outgoing auditor, Jessica, has suggested that the Port of Indianola consider changing the regular meeting date to later in the month in order to align better with the county financial reporting schedule. Since the county maintains the bank account for the Port and does not report until the 10th of the month, the Port financials do not reflect the latest revenue and expenses. This issue will be added to next meeting’s agenda.

C. Commissioner Cookson suggests that this may be a good time to find a new logo for the Port. Dave Haley will send photos to Eric which may be useful.





Commissioner, Jeff Henderson


Commissioner, Eric Cookson


Commissioner, John Lane


 Recording Secretary

In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act. If you need special assistance to participate in this meeting please contact the Port of Indianola at (360) 779-8229. Notification 48 hours before the meeting will enable the Port of Indianola to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility.