Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes November 28, 2011

Port of Indianola
Commissioners Public Meeting - Minutes
Monday, November 28, 2011


Present: Commissioner John Jacobsen

Commissioner Jeff Henderson

Commissioner Joan Wald – In attendance via telecom (speakerphone)

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM


John Jacobsen reviewed current financials:

As of 11/2/11

$25,807.45 Cash Account

$43,187.31 Kitsap County Investment Pool


Port of Indianola (POI) has requested Kitsap County to transfer $13,000.00 from the ‘cash account’ to the county managed investment pool.

John Jacobsen introduced Phil Best – Mr. Best has been retained by the POI to administer required Port of Indianola redistricting. Mr. Best presented a detailed PowerPoint account of his efforts to accomplish the necessary equalization of the three districts representing the POI. Following the report a motion was proposed (Henderson), seconded (Wald) and passed to authorize Mr. Best to proceed with necessary documentation to finalize redistricting process prior to December 31, 2011.

Note: POI must publish a notice in a newspaper of general circulation a minimum of twice and not less than fifteen days and not more than twenty days prior to public meeting to finalize redistricting.

Vouchers 1575 – 1578 representing POI expenditures since the October 11, 2011 public meeting were presented, discussed and co-signed by Commissioner Henderson.

Commissioner Henderson opened the meeting for public comment regarding the proposed 2012 POI Budget. Discussions ensued regarding Security fund contributions by the POI to the Indianola Beach Improvement Club (IBIC) for the current budget year of 2011 and for budget year 2012. POI confirmed 2011 budget line item for Security contribution to IBIC of $3,200.00. To date the Port of Indianola has forwarded $100.00 to IBIC for Security contribution. Port of Indianola will forward balance of $3,100.00 budgeted for 2011 security contribution to IBIC. POI proposed a 2012 contribution of $3,200.00 to the IBIC for Security contribution.

Attendees expressed opinions regarding the Security arrangement in general as well as the portion of total security funds to be contributed by the Port of Indianola.

Commissioner Wald expressed an opinion for the POI to contribute approximately 50% ($7,300.00) of the total security costs incurred by the IBIC for budget year 2012.


Port of Indianola

Commissioners Public Meeting - Minutes

Monday, November 28, 2011

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Commissioner Henderson proposed retaining the 2012 POI contribution to IBIC for security at $3,200.00 subject to a formal agreement with the IBIC Security Committee regarding POI contribution. The $3,200.00 amount may be adjusted based on the consensus of the POI commissioners following a formal agreement with the IBIC Security Committee. Public comments regarding this process are encouraged.

Commissioner Wald introduced a discussion of the kayak/small boat storage facility currently beneath the Indianola Dock and a community desire to update and expand this storage facility. Commissioner Henderson suggested that the POI move forward with a feasibility study of the necessary details to proceed with an upgrade of this facility. This will be an ongoing conversation with community members to determine design parameters including engineering, construction costs and ongoing maintenance.

A revision to the proposed 2012 Port of Indianola Budget was added to the “Major Maintenance, Repairs and Upgrading” line item to include “Feasibility” – this line item revision is understood to include Port of Indianola funds for the proposed kayak/small boat facility upgrade.

Commissioner Henderson proposed a motion to accept the 2012 POI Budget recognizing the ongoing discussion with the IBIC regarding 2012 Port of Indianola Security contribution and the line item agreement that the Port of Indianola will determine the feasibility of an upgraded kayak/small boat storage facility upgrade.

Motion was seconded by Commissioner Wald and passed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

Next Port of Indianola meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 29, 2011, 7:00PM at the Indianola Clubhouse. (Availability of Clubhouse Library confirmed w/IBIC calendar committee)


Submitted: Jeff Henderson


Jeff Henderson 


John Jacobsen


 Joan Wald