Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes May 2, 2012

Minutes of Indianola Port Commission Meeting, May 2, 2012 @ IBIC Clubhouse

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM by Commissioner Henderson

Attendees: Commissioners Jeff Henderson, Joan Wald, Port Auditor Carol Tripp

Acting Secretary Lee Lannoye, Others: Dave Haley, president IBIC, Karen Tiemeyer, Kirsten Jewell

Minutes from the March 15, 2012 special meeting were reviewed and approved as corrected by commissioners Wald and Henderson.

Financial report was given by Carol Trip. She reported that required filings were up to date, Taxes collected by the county on behalf of the Port will be deposited in the Port of Indianola account in May and June, October and November, as received from the Ports taxpayers. The $3,522 contract retention for Marine Services piling contract has 2 of the 3 required state agency releases and when the 3rd one is received, the retention can be released to the contractor.

Vouchers 1590, (PND engineering, $140), 1591 (Puget Sound Energy $87.53), 1592 (Washington Public Ports Association $115), and 1593(IBIC $1,441.50) were reviewed by the commissioners and approved for payment.

A letter of resignation was received from Commissioner John Jacobsen, effective April 15, 2012. John would like to continue to be responsible for posting meeting notices and meeting minutes on the Bulletin board in front of the Post Office as he has been doing for the past 21 years. Commissioner Wald will be responsible for obtaining plaques for Commissioner Jacobson and Port Auditor Jo Benning, recognizing their many years of outstanding service to the Port and the Indianola Community.

A discussion was held on the process to be followed for appointing a replacement to Commissioner Jacobsen’s remaining term. Both Commissioner Wald and the new commissioner will have to stand for election at the November 2013 county wide general election. Commissioner Wald for a new 6 year term and the newest commissioner for the remaining 2 years of Commissioner Jacobsen’s original 6 year term.

A notice of the vacancy and request for qualified applicants residing in District 2 will be posted weekly in the Kitsap Herald and the June 14 issue of the IBIC breeze newsletter. An application form will be available for qualified applicants and must be submitted to the Port thru their PO Box 496 by Noon, Monday June 25, 2012. A special meeting will be held June 28th @ 7 pm at the IBIC clubhouse to review the applicant’s qualifications and in executive session, commissioners Wald and Henderson will select a new commissioner.

A motion was made by Comm. Henderson, seconded by Comm.Wald to move the regular scheduled July 3, 2012 port meeting to July 10, 2012 7pm @ the IBIC clubhouse. Motion passed.

A presentation was made by Lee Lannoye on the two website development proposals that were received by Lee Lannoye at the request of the Port. The written proposals were reviewed and discussed. The proposal from Cory Gregerson was approved and accepted, subject to the Port Auditors confirmation that she will be able to easily post the ports financial data to the website. The contract is for $350 for initial website development and deployment, plus $20 per year for hosting dotnet-host .com. Additional consulting or development after the initial deployment at $40 per hour. The website, Port of, will be up and running within 2 weeks providing sufficient digital content is received by the site developer.

A draft mission statement prepared by the Port Advisory Committee was reviewed and discussed by the commissioners and meeting attendees. After some revisions, the commissioners requested the Mission statement revisions be sent to all committee members along with a copy of the Washington Public Ports association Comprehensive plan recommendations for discussion at the next Port Advisory committee meeting on May 10, 7pm at the IBIC clubhouse.

Further discussion was held on the membership of the advisory committee and it was decided to appoint those attending the May 10 meeting who were willing to participate on an ongoing basis. The first task of the committee is to complete the mission statement and begin the process of developing a 5+ year comprehensive plan for the Port. The commissioners requested that the May 10 meeting develop a time line for a draft comprehensive plan for presentation to the Port Commissioners for review and adoption.

A discussion was held on the current Dock signage and enforcement of these rules by the security personnel retained by the IBIC...Commissioner Henderson will review these rules with Enduris (ins. Pool) and report back to the commission.

Commissioner Henderson gave an update on the status of the dock swim float replacement .Design plans and specs , were reviewed, An estimate of $12,000 for materials to be ordered next week and construction by volunteer labor with completion by the first week of June with installation shortly thereafter. It was noted that the existing float cannot be reinstalled as the new pilings are not compatible with the old float. The old float must be appropriately disposed of in an approved land fill. Commissioner Henderson will manage this process with the help of community volunteers.

Security: Commissioner Henderson met with the IBIC Security committee and agreed on a process that will commence on June 15. The IBIC security committee estimates a cost of $10,000 for security service for the season plus the hourly cost of hiring off duty police officers to supplement the security service.

A motion by Commissioner Henderson, seconded by Commissioner Wald for the port to contribute to the IBIC 70% of the cost of security up to $7,500 was discussed and then approved by the commissioners.

Kirsten Jewell, representing the newly formed Indianola Rowing Club, a 501c3, advised the attendees that they will be participating in this year’s Indianola Days. Kirsten also discussed the Port of Silverdale and their association with a rowing club in Silverdale and hoped that in the future, there may be a something the Port of Indianola could do with the Indianola Rowing Club.

Commissioner Henderson adjourned the m meeting at 9:25

Lee Lannoye , acting secretary

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Commissioner: Jeff Henderson Commissioner: Joan Wald