Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes March 15, 2012

Minutes to the Port of Indianola Special Meeting of 03/15/2012


Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.


Commissioners present: Jeff Henderson, Chairman; John Jacobsen, Joan Wald


Guests present: Carol Tripp; Accountant/Auditor for the Port of Poulsbo

Minutes of the Last Meeting: The Commissioners moved/seconded and passed (MSP’d) to accept the minutes from the 01/18/2012 Port of Indianola (POI) Public Meeting as read by Commissioner Henderson.


Financial Report: Commissioner Jacobsen reported year-to-date (YTD), as of 03/07/2012, POI financial assets: $8,630.70 cash account; $46,315.74 in Kitsap County Investment Pool.


POI Vouchers and Checks: A discussion was held regarding correct procedures for the signing and issuance of POI vouchers and checks. Commissioner Jacobsen reported that he conducted an investigation which he stated confirmed that past procedures have been in compliance with County/State requirements. The Commission is working toward taking the proper steps to maintain and improve compliance in that area. Confirmation with the County that all the Commissioners are officially on the account in order to sign POI checks will be obtained. Several vouchers that correlated to previously written checks payable toward POI bills were signed. General Fund Vouchers for warrants #1575 –#1589 were signed by Commissioner Joan Wald, total of $9,651.49. General Fund Vouchers #1579 - #1589 were signed by Commissioner Jeff Henderson, total of $6,456.40.

Attendee IBIC President, Dave Haley, requested the Port contribute 75% to the IBIC’s 25% proportion for the payment for recycling and trash bins located near the Dock. He also requested the same proportion for the payment for Mutt Mitts for the combined Port District and IBIC areas. A discussion followed with a motion being MSP’d for the Port to assume a 70% to the IBIC’s 30% responsibility for the 2011 bill and future payments for the recycling/trash bins and Mutt Mitts.


Hiring of the POI Accountant/Auditor: Carol Tripp, staff accountant/auditor for the Port of Poulsbo, addressed the Commission presenting her resume with additional personal, professional and educational information. Ms. Tripp informed the POI that several County forms and report designations, necessary for all the upcoming port annual reports have been changed and each of the state ports will need to make those adjustments. She discussed three grants she recently wrote for the Port of Poulsbo which brought the Port revenue of approximately $180,000. Her services are offered at an hourly fee of $25.00. Resolution 2012-01 was drafted and MSP’d to retain Ms. Tripp’s services as the POI Accountant/Bookkeeper and will be forwarded to the County Treasurer’s office with an effective date of 03/19/2012.


POI Website: Commissioner Wald secured a URL website address. Additionally, it was determined that Commissioner Wald would secure a .org and .net website address. Meeting attendee, Lee Lannoye, informed the Commission that Tim Celeski and Cory Gunderson offered their services, for a fee, in developing a POI website. Mr. Lannoye volunteered to contact these web designers to gather more information regarding costs, maintenance, and potential content. Items such as a Mission Statement, Port goals and objectives, contact information, budgets, meeting schedules and meeting minutes were all discussed as possible contents for a future POI website.


Regular Meeting Schedule: A motion was MSP’d to hold regular general meetings the first Tuesday of each month in the Indianola Clubhouse at 7:00pm. A motion was MSP’d to designate the Kitsap Herald as the newspaper of record for the POI. Attendee Karen Tiemeyer will notify IBIC coordinators Brenda Morrow and Judy Drew to secure the Clubhouse for that time. Commissioner Wald will publish meeting notices in the Kitsap Herald.


POI Document Storage: A comprehensive review and chronological organization of existing historical documents is to be undertaken by Commissioner Jacobsen. Carol Tripp offered to send a list of document disposition required by the County and State. She stated some documents will be kept in perpetuity, some for two years others for six years. Some documents may be shredded. The Commissioners will perform an inventory of existing ’working’ documents and determine their disposition according to the official guidelines.


POI Mission Statement-public meeting for discussion: After discussion, a motion was MSP’d to create a Port Advisory Board to assist the Commission in creating a POI Mission Statement and a Comprehensive Plan to include specific Goals and Objectives for the Port. Commissioner Wald will serve as Liaison Commissioner to the Advisory Board. The Board will consist of interested Port constituents and will hold open meetings with the intent to garner input from the community and assist the Commission by streamlining the process by which the POI Commission addresses Port issues. A meeting to develop the POI Advisory Board will be announced for some time in April in the upcoming April Breeze and the Kitsap Herald community calendar.


Grant Pursuit: The prospect of pursuing available grants from private and governmental resources to augment existing POI financial assets was discussed. Projects such as Dock maintenance, repair and replacement are priorities and require substantial resources. Recreational enhancements like kayak/boat storage were also considered as projects that could benefit from grant resources. Carol Tripp offered to provide direction in gaining access to grant monies. It was noted that, first, the POI needs to develop a Mission Statement and Comprehensive Plan from which to make decisions regarding priorities and the types of projects and grants it will pursue.


POI Joint Letter to the Legislature and Governor: The WA Legislature is in special session. One bill they are considering is moving funds from the Boating Facilities grant fund into the State Parks and Recreation Law Enforcement Fund. This would reduce the levels of grant monies available for boating and recreational facilities such as the maintenance, repair and replacement of the Indianola Dock. The POI and other Ports in the state resist this move. Therefore, the POI Commissioners MSP’d a motion whereby Commissioner Henderson draft and send a letter to the appropriate senator and representatives clarifying their position. Additionally, they will send a letter to Governor Gregoire thanking her for her stance in supporting maintaining the funds as they are.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:37 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Judith Frank


Commissioner: Jeff Henderson 


Commissioner: Joan Wald