Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes June 5, 2012

Port of Indianola

Commissioners Regular Meeting – Minutes

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Present: Commissioner Jeff Henderson

Commissioner Joan Wald

Auditor Carol Tripp


Meeting called to order 7:00 PM


Minutes of previous Port of Indianola (POI) meeting (May 2, 2010) read. Motion to accept (Wald) minutes as read, seconded, passed.

Financial report presented by Carol Tripp. Copy attached.

Carol Tripp presented two resolutions to the Commissioners as follows:

Resolution 2012-02 – Transfer of Funds from operating account to investment (Kitsap County pool) account.

Resolution 2012-03 – Petty Cash Custodian – Establishment of Commissioner Henderson as custodian of petty cash account.

Carol Tripp will assist in the establishment of consistent procedures regarding petty cash reconcilement on a scheduled basis.

Port of Indianola Mission Statement as developed by the Port Advisory Committee (PAC) was discussed. The PAC is to finalize the Mission Statement for submission to the Port Commissioners at a subsequent meeting.

Port Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet on June 25, 2012.

Lee Lannoye updated the Commissioners on the recently created Port of Indianola website. The website is live. 2012 Port of Indianola meeting minutes need to be uploaded as well as other documents. Commissioner Henderson to contact webmaster and learn the necessary steps to upload documents to website.

Discussion regarding Indianola security for Summer 2012. SAFE Security has been contracted and associated guidelines have been agreed upon between SAFE Security and the IBIC Security Committee. 


Port of Indianola has requested the opinion of the POI insurance carrier regarding wording on Indianola Dock signage. Specifically the current wording specifying ‘No Jumping from Dock or Railings.’ David Haley of the IBIC suggested wording to the effect of ‘ Jumping not authorized or permitted. If you choose to jump do so at your own risk.’ Commissioner Henderson will further discuss with Enduris.

Meeting adjourned at 7:51PM


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