Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2012

Port Of Indianola
Commissioners Public Meeting - Minutes
Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 Present: Commisioner John Jacobsen
  Commisioner Jeff Henderson
  Commisioner Joan Wald

 Meeting called to order 7:10 PM


Minutes of previous meeting Port Of Indianola (POI) meeting (12-29-2011) read. Motion to accept minutes as read (Wald), seconded, and passed.


Financial report presented by Commissioner Jacobsen:


As of 1/11/2012: $9,699.62 Cash Account
$46,248.48 - Kitsap Investment Pool


Discussion regarding POI monetary contributions to Indianola Beach Improvement Club (IBIC) for share of garbage and mutt mitts.  IBIC Calendar year 2011 expenditures as follows: Garbage (two dumpsters + recycling): $2883.00, Mutt Mitts: $854.99. As a means to further discussions and negotiations regarding POI contributions for these services Commisioner Wald will research and determine the

number of tax parcels within the POI district v. number of IBIC members.


Discussion regarding POI monetary contribution for IBIC contracted seasonal security services.  Historically the POI has budgeted fixed funds as contribution to community security efforts.  IBIC security expenditures for 2011: $14,700.00.  POI contributions to IBIC for security in 2011: $3200.00  Commissioner Hendersen has volunteered to work with IBIC security committee to assess security

contractors, scope of security personnel and assessment of community needs. 


Discussion regarding the POI contracting an accountant to maintain financial records, coordinates necessary payments and compile, prepare and submit documents and report as required to applicable agencies.  Commissioner Wald suggested the

current Port of Poulsbo accountant/bookkeeper, Carol Tripp.  Anticipated cost of 2 hours per month at an hourly rate following initial set-up of POI records.  Motion(Wald) to contract accounting/bookkeeping requirements to an agreed upon

candidate, Seconded (Henderson) and passed.


POI Commissioners Henderson and Wald were added to necessary Bank of America paperwork as additional signatories on POI checks.


Discussion regarding POI Commissioner chair position:


Longtime chair Jacobsen expressed his appreciation to attendees and POI constituents for the opportunity to serve as commission chair.  Commissioner Hendersen and Wald added their appreciation of Commissioner Jacobsen's dedication to the commission, the community and his long term position of chair.


Following discussion Commissioner Wald motioned that Commisioner Hendersen be named Commission chair, seconded(Jacobsen) and passed.


Discussion regarding a POI website, including possible content and management.  Motion (Hendersen) requesting Commissioner Wald to reserve URL, seconded (Jacobsen) and passed.  Further discussion at a subsequent meeting to determine how the site will be designed, content, management and related costs.


Discussion regarding establishment of POI documents location and long term storage.  IBIC Clubhouse office was discussed as well as necessary security and access.  Further discussion to continue at subsequent meeting.


Discussion regarding POI assets and assessments.  Hard assets are limited to the Indianola Dock and adjacent stairway.  Liquid assetsare represented as cash account and Kitsap County Investment Pool.  POI does not currently own any office fixtures, computers, etc.


Discussion regarding a POI Mission Statement.  Commissioners determined a public meeting needs to be scheduled to brainstorm ideas and verbage.


Discussion regarding 5 year POI Plan.  Commissioners to discuss subsequent POI meeting.


Commissioner Hendersen discussed new swim float to be constructed prior to June 2012.  Construction to be accomplished by local volunteers following engineer designed and regulatory agency(s) approved plans.  Current swim float mush be disposed of as required in construction permits.


Meeting adjourned 9:00 PM.


Submitted:  Jeff Henderson