Meeting Minutes

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes May 10 2012


Meeting Opens at 7:05pm

Attendees: Joan Wald, POI Commissioner/Board Liaison

Carol Tripp (POI Accountant)

Lee Lannoye

Bob Summer

Kirsten Jewell

Judith Frank

Old Business:

Recap of Mission Statement (MS) (finalized version with Jeff Henderson and not available for this meeting) Draft of MS considered, amended and accepted by the POI at their May meeting.

POI Advisory Board Members to be appointed by POI Commissioners

POI website,, developed by Cory Gregerson; will be on-line very soon.

New Business:

Timeline to be developed for a Comprehensive Plan (CP) w/goals and objectives (Carol Tripp suggested that the CP be developed by August in time for a new budget)

Advisory Committee needs following from the POI Commissioners:

Engineering studies for Dock/Stairs in past 10 years

Direction on timelines (based on studies and POI mission) to accomplish goals

Port Property ‘amendable’ Map (Dock/Stairs)

POI Advisory Board needs to complete an Indianola Port and community history/culture statement to be included as an introductory page to the POI Comprehensive Plan-Judith Frank will complete a draft of the introduction, as well as a rough outline of the Comprehensive Plan, to be considered by the Advisory Board members.

Part of the mission to be considered for pursuing grants is to balance environmental and economic considerations (availability of funds) while maintaining the cultural history of the Dock.

Discussion of timelines required for public information and input opportunities in developing the POI Comprehensive Plan

Discussion of alternative revenue sources, i.e. permanent mooring buoys, grants, docking floats, etc.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00pm

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