Meeting Minutes

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes June 25 2012


Meeting opens at 7:00pm at the IBIC Clubhouse Library room

Attendees: Joan Wald, (POI Commissioner/Board liaison), Carol Tripp,(POI Accountant), Lee Lannoye, Bob Summer, Judith Frank(meeting Chairperson), Dave Haley, Karen Tiemeyer

Minutes from the June 10, 2012 meeting were distributed and reviewed.

Commissioner Wald informed the committee that the Commissioners had appointed the above list of attendees plus Kirsten Jewell as the Port Of Indianola Advisory Board/Committee.

The draft Mission Statement was discussed and revisions agreed on. The revised Mission
Statement will be submitted to the Port Commissioners for their Review and Approval.

The draft Introduction to the Port Of Indianola Comprehensive Plan was reviewed and discussed. The agreed on corrected version will be submitted to the Port Commission for their review and comments.

A discussion was held on the list of items needed from the port commission in order to work on the Comprehensive plan. Background Information such as maps , studies and engineering data on the Dock, Inventory of physical assets, description of land and tidelands owned by the port. Also needed is a listing of and detail on recently completed projects.

At the next meeting the advisory board will begin to develop the port property plan. This will include a proposed use of assets, which will need to be prioritized along with a proposed timeline. Examples that were discussed ; replacing the Docks creosote pilings with approved metal pilings, construction of Kayak, canoe and small boat storage, a small boat launch location, acquisition of upland properties. This was not meant to be a final list , only examples. A discussion was held on how to best to involve and obtain as large a community input as possible. Suggestions included using the online"Survey Monkey"; including a questionnaire insert in the Indianola Breeze, and using the Ports Website with a questionaire. These would

The next POI Advisory committee meeting will be Tues. July 17 @7 pm, in the IBIC Clubhouse

Lee Lannoye (acting secretary)